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These are a few of my

Favorite Things

For me, the guitar has always been more a matter of therapy than art...

Me at the allotment 2004


The label inside has a blank where the model name should be
I bought this in Brighton in 1976 - still my favorite, beautiful tone and very loud

Unknown Red Semi

I traded a Woolworth's Solid Body Electric + £10 for this in a junk shop in Dartford in 1971 - it only had one pickup back then and has been modified many times since.
The pick-ups are from a very old Hofner that was beyond repair.

Casio MG510 Midi Guitar.

I found this on E-Bay in 2003, and use it with an old Akai SG01k Synth module, via MidiMan Merge 2x2 with an Edirol PCR-30 as control surface.
The Standard Output is routed via a Zoom 505 Mk II and the whole lot gets amplified by a set of IBM J-905-AV Multi-Media Powered Speakers.

Midi Guitar on a tight budget or what ???

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